How to Block Pop-Up Ads While Watching Free Movies Online

Annoying pop-ups can be a real trouble for watchers, who like to spend their day with their favorite movies or TV shows. They have a tendency to jump out in the middle of the experience and ruin the fun. Not to mention that they pose a threat to the device that’s being used.

However, this doesn’t persuade movie websites to stop featuring them. Actually, there are a lot of them on the Internet that are full of dangerous content, provoking your antivirus program. No matter if people are just passing by or watching the videos, they may still cover their screen.

That’s why a lot of people search for ways to block these ads and protect themselves from their harmful effect. If you’re one of them, then here we’ll present how you can do that.

Updating the Internet Privacy on Your PC

When you decide to watch free movies online on your computer, you have a way to update the Internet privacy and block pop-up ads. All operational systems offer this option so that their users can control what’s happening while they’re online and which content should be forbidden from entering the device.

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For instance, to do this, people, who have Windows, should follow these steps:

  • Go to ‘Start’
  • Click on ‘Control Panel’
  • Search for the Internet Options
  • Press the ‘Privacy’ tab
  • Then if it isn’t enabled, turn on the pop-up blocker
  • Go to the pop-up blocker’s settings
  • Make the blocking level the highest for absolute protection
  • Click on ‘Apply’ to save the changes

Adding an Extension to Your Browser

There are extensions that can be added to the browsers to keep the dangerous ads at bay. No matter which one you use, they all support these add-ons. Since they increase the functionality of the browsers, they should be able to spot and block the ads beforehand so people tend to get them before going to a movie site with a lot of pop-ups on it.

Made from different publishers and incorporating multiple features, users can choose from a bunch of extensions out there. They are available for download and installation either on their official sites or by looking for them in the browser’s settings.

Watching on Trusted Sites

Watching a movie or TV series on a trusted site saves a lot of your effort and time. This is due to the fact that it obtains content that’s in accordance with the law and that it’s available to everyone.

Moreover, the videos are free of annoying advertising, giving you a secure experience.

Final Words

The presented ways offer a real opportunity for users to block the annoying pop-up ads and fully enjoy seeing their movie or show. Starting from updating the privacy, which users can do manually on their computers and adding extensions to the browser to watching on trusted and safe websites, you have multiple solutions to choose from. They all serve as ad blockers and are meant to keep you secure while watching online.

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